Pick your meeting to boost connections!

When making a new start with each other, or if new people are onboarding the organisation, you organise a live meeting. At these moments you really make the difference with more connection. Choose the session below that matches your goal to get an impression of what we can do for you. View the approach, cases and a brochure.

  • Onboarding event

  • New hire meet up

  • Introduction day

  • Induction session

  • New employee orientation

  • New strategy kick off

  • Cultural change kick off

  • Merger kick off event

  • All staff Year kick off

  • Project start up

  • Internal network kick off

  • New team start

  • Team meeting

  • Teambuilding event

  • Off site event

  • Top Management meeting

  • Subject matter expert meeting

More specific information? Get in touch!

Meeting design kit

Meeting design

Create a meeting design together? Sparring about more connection within your organisation? We like to think along!

We have made a design kit with which we enter into a conversation to really put people first in meetings and events. People before Plan!

This is how you connect and energy starts flowing. 

Frank Philips

Frank Philips

Phone: +31 6 41189753
E-mail: frank@yesweconnect.nl

Kelly Van Hove

Kelly Van Hove

Phone: +32 494587740
E-mail: kelly@yesweconnect.be

Ernest Roelofzs

Ernest Roelofsz

Phone: +1 202 867 7410
E-mail: ernest@yesweconnect.us