The magic of connection

Runners greet other runners.
Runners greet other runners.

Runners greet other runners. Bikers greet bikers. Dog owners engage in extensive conversations while walking their pets. In the "wild" we are very good at making contact. We look for similarities and feel immediately connected. On the work floor this is sometimes a bit less flexible. Similarities are more difficult to discover. People don't wear running clothes or motor suits and usually leave pets at home. What's more, we don't find the time for it. While as people we are made to be social. If we were more social, we would be able to distribute our work better, use the knowledge and experiences of others, learn from other people's mistakes and successes.

The more social, the better

Being social is one of the most important success factors of human evolution. Our social capabilities enable us to maintain relationships with each other without seeing each other regularly or being around each other all the time. These connections provide security and sufficient food, even in difficult times.

So why are we often so solitary? We are often too busy, too stressed or distracted to use the environment in which we work to move forward faster. And that is a pity, because the more social we are, the more successful we become. The primeval man already knew.

People before plan model

People before Plan

The approach we have developed for this is called People before Plan. Start with the contact from person to person, before you start working on the content. It sounds quite logical, but you don't encounter it much in work situations. We don't take much time to really get to know each other, we prefer to get to work immediately. The effect of a good introduction is that people build respect and trust and have insight into what everyone contributes in terms of professionalism.
Then you can talk to each other about the Plan. What is our goal, our ambition, our purpose? In order to map out everyone's contribution to this. This makes working together more fun, more meaningful and more impactful. What more can you wish for!

Magic of connection

Magic of connection

By applying this approach you discover a lot about each other in a quick and easy way. You gain insight into differences, which leads to respect for each other.

The insights you gain into similarities create a feeling of connection. Just think of the runners, motorcyclists and dog walkers.

Connected way of working

In organisations that have adapted to a connected way of working, employees experience more pleasure and satisfaction. There is room for sharing knowledge and learning. Involvement in the goals and the feeling of ownership ensure that customers are surprised. This enables these organisations to achieve better results in the long term. And everyone wants to be part of that, employees and customers!

We wish you all lots of magical connections in work and live, because we know from our own experience what powers this unleashes.


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