Accenture - Connect on purpose

Accenture - Connect on purpose

Client: Accenture

Participants: 120 consultants in Resources

Date: October 2018

Goal: strenghten connection amongst each other and with the purpose

What is our purpose?

With this question, the Resources group of Accenture started the afternoon. This group of consultants meets every quarter to get to know each other and to exchange ideas about these types of issues. The purpose thinking is an important theme for Accenture’s customers, employees and the leadership team.

To formulate a good answer to the question “what is our purpose?” the connection is actively sought with all stakeholders. 

Yes! We Connect helped with:

  1. Making personal introductions - in a short time everyone got to know various known and unknown colleagues.

  2. Making professional introductions - What drives you? What are you excited about? What would you like to contribute to?

  3. Capturing everyone’s contribution to the purpose - What can I contribute, as a person with all my professional opportunities to work on the fulfilment of our purpose.

Result: high energy with each other and for the purpose