Aon cross-selling meeting

Aon cross-selling meeting

Client: Aon Insurance Company

Participants: 120 sales reps

Date: September 2017

Goal: generate and transfer leads after a change in the sales organization

After a change in the organization, the management suspected that they were missing out on some major opportunities. The sales organization had changed from a regional division into a sectoral division. Sales reps were now serving the industry sector, or maritime, business services, etc. 

The meeting was hosted in a wonderful natural setting at a lake. 

The introduction was energetic. Going into the 10 Answers round the  atmosphere was relaxed and full of energy. Everyone described his question to the teammates at the table.

After a short round of pitching all question, everyone started to work concentrated. On average, every question about sales leads received 5 responses. In total 600 sales leads were generated. “A very strong outcome”, as the management described it.

Result: 600 sales leads in half a day