Onboarding sample program of TNT

Onboarding sample program of TNT

At TNT the fork-lift truck driver, help desk employee or account manager all go through a training program in their own department. Recently a central onboarding day or introduction day for new employees was added. Because of our experiences with other onboarding programs, we were selected to help TNT facilitate this. By now we are aware that there is no golden formula for setting up such a day. Every company is different, cultures are different, but also the composition of the group for which the program is intended is not the same. 

So instead of giving you a blueprint for onboarding, we rather describe a sample program here.

Building block for onboarding programs

In the various introduction days, which we realise for and with customers, we see a number of elements recurring in the program:

  1. Warm and personal welcome

  2. Getting to know each other

  3. Connect to the purpose

  4. Transfer culture

  5. Big picture of the organisational structure

There are also a number of elements that do not necessarily have to be included in the introduction day, so you will not find this in this onboarding program example:

  • Speech by the director. This can also be done by another board member, or via videos. It is also very refreshing to have a colleague who has just completed his first 100 days do the opening.

  • Explanation about rules, customs and structures. This is often boring and tough, which is important, but can also be made available in advance or afterwards via the various online tools.

  • Problem or problem solving. This can be a nice assignment, but make no mistake about the fact that people only start within your organisation. They have little knowledge of the organisation’s activities and the ways in which issues are handled. If you want to use their fresh perspective, a more interesting format is to give them a number of statements and have them respond.

Onboarding sample program

Based on the building blocks, we have completed the program together with TNT:

Warm and personal welcome
The program takes place at one of TNT's own locations in Dordrecht, so in-house. Various employees are involved in welcoming the newcomers with a warm apple flap as a unique treat (really super tasty!). The high quality of this cake was equally well received by both Dutch and Belgian TNT employees.

Getting to know each other
Upon arrival, everyone receives their personal badge with the team layout and insight into the agreements with others. You quickly get to know each other better within the teams. It even turns out that everyone in each team shares 1 agreement. For example, we have the team of morning people and the team of TNT people who wanted to become a professional footballer as a child. During the proposal round and the energetic quiz you get even more insight into each other's similarities and differences.

Connect to the big goal
One of the managers tells the group a story that shows exactly what TNT stands for. Then everyone goes to work in groups and conducts an interview with another onboarder. The aim of the interview is to expose what everyone is bringing in professionally in order to achieve the big goal together. Now the onboarders introduce each other and tell what unique input they see with their interview partner. A beautiful and valuable session.

Transfer culture
During the day, various managers and employees are involved in the interactive presentations. The content of the presentations is well coordinated in advance, so that content and interaction alternate. A piece of culture seeps into every presentation.

The big picture
At the end of the day it is the task of the teams to bring the puzzle pieces together so that they become fully visible. Each team gives its picture of the coherence. There is no right or wrong of course, but there are different views and that is interesting for everyone.


All participants of the introduction day indicate in the survey that they feel more connected with colleagues and are more motivated to work together.

There is more to onboarding than the introduction day

In addition to an introduction day, there is a lot more to be done to onboard your employees properly. For the business case on onboarding and the complete onboarding process I would like to refer to another of our blogs.