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 We aim to unleash the magical force of connection for employees all over the world.

The Yes! We Connect team


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Frank Philips - Netherlands

Frank Philips

Phone: +31 6 41189753




“In various foreign countries I have met people who see the world differently than I do. But even when I am talking to a parent in the schoolyard, I am sometimes touched by a special insight or experience. That's the magic of connection! This drives me in my work. I love it that the work we do has impact. When I hear afterwards that people feel more connected with their colleagues, it really gives me a kick. ="

Kelly Van Hove - Belgium

Kelly Van Hove

Phone: +32 494587740



Ice Breaker

“What energy it gives to collaborate en evolve with the team of enthusiasts at Yes! We Connect! Great to help customers in a maximum solution-oriented, ethical and impactful way. In this way together we create more connectedness and communication between employees in the most positive way. Ultimately, they are the ones who keep the organisations alive! Creating interaction, ensuring that ideas are exchanged in a safe environment, seeing faces shine and creating lasting memories ... that's what I stand for and what makes me happy. "

Ernest Roelofsz

Phone: +1 202 867 7410




With my IT background I am more than aware that technology offers us a lot of benefits. Having said that, my managerial experience also learns me that organizations shouldn’t forget about their most important asset, the human being. With Yes! We Connect I get the opportunity to help organizations grow employee engagement by creating and strengthening connections. As a facilitator I feel the energy build up as new relationships arise. It is awesome to hear that participants feel more confident in building connections with their colleagues after our events.


Our Connected Company


Yes! We Connect works from the connected company principle. We do not only connect with our customers; the leaders, organizers and employees of the organizations we work for. We also work with trainers, coaches and advisors, with event agencies and merger supervisors, with builders of social internet systems and onboarding apps. We work intensively with a number of partners to serve our customers even better. Super specialists who enable us to focus on our own field. Here you will find our most important partners in execution:

Efficiency Online

Efficiency Online develops and realizes the software on which our programs and tools run. They are the absolute experts in the field of back office systems. We continue to develop together. Our Masters in IT.


Airsolid designs and builds smart customer interactions for a powerful front end. The Yes! We Connect identity and front end of our online tools has been developed by Airsolid. Together we work on the further development of our interaction with customers and participants. Chiefs of Customer Interaction.

Hustle Creatives

Hustle is a team of 15 strong individuals with diverse expertise that reinforce each other. For us, they make nice clear videos about what we do, they shoot the experiences of our participants and ensure that our website is easy to find.

Match Makers

During the meetings which we are part of you often come across our Match Makers. They initiate the introduction from the walk-in.

On social media we share more about our events, insights and adventures.