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Connection is a super power for your work.

Switch it on and turn your meetings into vibrant energizers.


Meet up and get to know each other better.

Is the purpose of your organisation to make the world better, smarter, healthier or a nicer place to live? Whatever your goal is, it starts with connection. Get to know each other better and find out what everyone’s contribution is. That makes the energy flow.

Boost your connected way of working with our programs and tools for interactive meetings. Easy and super fun to use. Ooh, aah, Yes! We Connect.

  • get to know each other better

  • feel more connected

  • discover each other’s contribution

  • then collaboration is more fun and impactful

How does it work?

Put your people before the plan in work and during meetings. That's the way to unleash the energy. It may sound simple, but if you look at it, you'll see that it doesn't happen very often. In meetings, people don't introduce themselves to each other. And during internal events, the senior director invariably kicks off with an hour about his strategic plan. How to get it right? Our approach is based on People before plan!

In which meetings can you apply this?

Building connections is most important when you are starting something new and when new people join your organisation. Examples include: introduction sessions, teambuilding, onboarding programs, kick-off sessions and change processes. These are the moments where you can really make the difference with building strong connections.

We can help you by organising a complete meeting program for your team or organisation. You might want to apply the tools we have designed yourself. Both are great! Make your choice and discover the possibilities.

event getting to know each other

Discover similarities and feel more connected!


Does that really work?

Yep, it does. We can talk about it for hours, but perhaps it is better if the participants tell about it.

We use the generated energy to get connected on a professional level


Who do you work for?

More and more organisations realise they can make more impact when working in a connected way. For these organisations we are an important partner.


We want to help as many people as possible to work in a connected way, so that they can really make a difference in their organisation. We started in 2015 and have big plans.


Inspiration for working in a connected way

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Do you want more connection at work and in your work? You don’t want to wait until the next quarter meeting? Then take control yourself and get started with working in a connected way!

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Do you want more connection within your organisation or do you want to get started with working in a connected way? We are happy to share our insights and experiences with you. Pick our brain. It's for free!

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